The Ubuntu Developers Have Created A PPA For Proprietary Graphics Drivers

As you may have heard, the Ubuntu Developers have created a the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA, where they will upload proprietary gpu drivers, as the name suggests.

For now, only the Nvidia cards are supported, but drivers should be uploaded soon. This is quite good, because the drivers from the default Ubuntu repositories are very old and so, the users cannot benefit from the enhancements added in the new driver patches.

Recently, Canonical’s Jorge O. Castro has announced that he, Michael Marley and Jason DeRose will create a PPA that hosts the latest proprietary drivers. Michael Marley and Jason DeRose are already maintaining some packages that contain proprietary GPU drivers, but the bigger the team is, the better.

To add the PPA on a supported Ubuntu system or a derivative, just do:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update

Now you are ready to install the newest drivers. The below instruction installs the newest Nvidia driver:

$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-355

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