The Ubuntu Touch Music App Has Received Spotify Streaming Support

As you may know, Music App is a third party music-player application for Ubuntu Touch, developed by the Ubuntu community members. The developers have redesigned the Music App for MWC, adding Spotify streaming support as well.

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This is David Planella’s (Ubuntu Community Team Manager at Canonical) announcement:

“Music app developers Andrew & Victor worked with Michał Karnicki and Michael Sheldon to deliver a prototype build of their app for MWC, demonstrating (Spotify) streaming as a new feature. In tandem they worked on a converged build of Music to demo on tablets at MWC,” ,

As a reminder, Canonical took part at MWC 2016, where it displayed a lot of awesome stuff and won the “Best of MWC” award for the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet.

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