The Ubuntu Web Browser Is Also Convergence-Ready

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Mark Shuttleworth’s biggest ambition is to reach mobile-desktop convergence, which means that both the desktop and the mobile platform use the same code base, with an intelligent “responsive” interface.

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And the development of both Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu Desktop have been done towards convergence, many applications being already ready to run well on both platforms.

The Ubuntu Web Browser Is Also Convergence-Ready

The newest demo video of the convergence concept shows the Ubuntu Touch browser (Webbrowser App), running on the Ubuntu 15.04 desktop.

At first, the Browser App did not have any features, only an address bar and a few buttons, but Canonical has kept upgrading the application constantly, adding support for managing multiple tabs, delete the history and clear the cache. Also, it can be set up to restore the previous session at startup.

If you are curious, see the below video for yourself.

Other convergence proofs: Music App, Weather App (both part of the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps)

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