The WineHQ Developers Are Working At Making Wine Available On Google’s Chrome OS

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Wine (Wine Is Not An Emulator) is a popular emulator, for running Windows applications on Linux systems. Recently, the developers have announced they have started work at porting Windows apps to Android, via Wine.

The WineHQ Developers Are Working At Making Wine Available On Google's Chrome OS

Also, the developers aim to bring the Windows apps to the Google Chrome OS, via their Wine. This is very hard to achieve right now, due to the fact that Wine can’t be compiled in Chrome OS via NaCL right now.

From the changelog:

“To sum it up: The provided interfaces are not powerful enough to run Wine as a sandboxed plugin. You may disable the sandbox and port some parts of Wine to actually use for example the audio interface or to draw a desktop into a plugin area, but I doubt that someone is actually going to use Chrome without a sandbox. For ChromeOS all this gets even more difficult, because I doubt that you’ll even be able to execute Chrome without a sandbox.”

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