Two Interesting Jolla Stories About The Icons And The “Do It Together” Ringtone From The Poppy Red

Hello Jolla Enthusiasts. As you could already notice, the icons on Sailfish OS have different shapes, unlike the icons used on other operating systems.

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Two Interesting Jolla Stories About The Icons And The

And this variety of shapes has been done on purpose, the Jolla designers adopting the idea of merging rectangles with circles (and the resulted shapes merged again and so on), in order to get different shapes.

From the changelog:

Let’s build a system with multiple shapes. We are not only aiming for consistency but also for hierarchical cues tailored for each icon metaphor visual.

Let’s pick the most popular shape: a rectangle. Up next: a circle. Let’s turn up the heat and merge them

The full icon story can be found in this PDF.

Also, the default ringtone of the “Poppy Red” Jolla smartphone, delivered to the guys that have pre-ordered the device in the first pre-order rounds, has an interesting story.

Two Interesting Jolla Stories About The Icons And The

While many Jolla developers from all over the world met up in Helsinki to squash bugs, also the “Do it together!” ringtone has been recorded. A professional recorded all the developers voices, laughs and sentances, put music on them and transformed it into a ringtone.

For more information, see this post on Jolla Together.

For those who don’t know yet, Jolla is a project developed by former Nokia employees. The first Jolla smartphone is running on Sailfish OS, a modified Megoo Linux system, which is Android compatible, uses Wayland as the default display server , uses Nokia N9′s Maliit touchscreen keyboard and comes with interchangeable covers, allowing the users to easily switch them, in order to change the color/model of the phone and comes with impressive hardware specifications.

While apps with native Sailfish OS support can be installed via the Jolla Store and, Android apps can be installed via the same Jolla Store, or via F-Droid, Yandex Store, Amazon App Store, Aptoide and 1Mobile Android Market.

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