Ubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 Has Been Released, In All The Official Flavors + The Mate One

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the first beta version of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn has been released, in all the traditional flavors  plus the Mate version (except Ubuntu itself, Ubuntu Unity).

Ubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 Has Been Released, In All The Official Flavors + The Mate One

The Ubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 systems include X.org server 1.15.1, Mesa 10.2.6 and use Kernel, which has enhanced support for UEFI and comes with improvements for suspend and resume.

Ubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 (using Unity) has been not been released, due to the fact that Canonical is constantly releasing daily build images of Ubuntu 14.10. For those who don’t know yet, Ubuntu 14.10 will be the first Ubuntu system that will be available in two Unity versions: one using Unity 7 over X.org and Ubuntu Desktop Next, using Unity 8 and Mir

Xubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 comes with a lot of important changes. Among others, the display dialog has been updated and so, multiple displays can now be arranged via drag and drop, the power manager has received a new feature for controlling the keyboard-backlight, Inxi has been added by default while XChat has been removed from the installed software, apt-offline has been fixed, the needed profiles have been added to both Thunar and Mousepad, so that the users can use pkexec instead of gksu and gksudo, the themes have received support for GTK 3.12 and the ALT-TAB dialog can be clicked with the mouse, to select a window.

Also worth mentioning, an Xubuntu minimal install image has been made available and some XFCE specific packages have been updated: Catfish 1.2.1, xfce4-appfinder 4.11.0, xfce4-notifyd 0.2.4, lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.9.0, Xfwm4 4.11.2, xfdesktop 4.11.7, xfce4-panel 4.11.1, Whisker Menu 1.4.0, Light Locker Settings 1.4.0, Menulibre 2.0.5, Mugshot 0.2.4, xfce4-settings 4.11.3 and xfce4-power-manager 1.3.2.

Kubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 has received small changes only. Worth mentioning is the fact that two new ISO images have been made available: one Kubuntu 14.10 system using KDE Plasma 4 Stable and the other one Kubuntu 14.10 system using KDE Plasma 5 unstable. The two new images can be downloaded from here.

Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Beta 1 has been switched to GNOME 3.12 and comes with GNOME Weather and GNOME Maps applications installed by default. GNOME 3.12 will be used on the stable version of Ubuntu Gnome 14.10, despite the fact that GNOME 3.14 will be already available by then.

Lubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 has been also released, but the changelog has not been made available yet. But according to the wiki, Lubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 is not using LXQt yet:

“Lubuntu development is currently focused on the transition away from GTK+ to the Qt framework. This is not stable enough for everyday use, so the focus this version is on fixing bugs”

Ubuntu Mate 14.10 Beta 1 has been released with the others, despite the fact that Ubuntu Mate is not yet an official Ubuntu flavor. Ubuntu Mate 14.10 Beta 1 has received a huge list of changes, since the release of Alpha 2:

  • Added community contributed wallpapers
  • Added community contributed Plymouth theme
  • Added community contributed SYSLINUX theme
  • Added community contributed Ubiquity slides
  • Added Ambiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE desktop and icon themes
  • Added Ubuntu MATE LightDM theme
  • Added OpenDyslexic a font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia
  • Added a screen magnifier for indiviuals with low vision
  • Added patent-free S3TC compatible implementation that provides texture compression to Mesa
  • Added service discovery on a local network via the mDNS/DNS-SD protocol suite
  • Added colord to manage, install and generate accurate colour profiles
  • Added ntp time synchronisation daemon
  • Added policykit-desktop-privileges which fixes, among other things, auto mounting of disks without requiring a password
  • Added a PAM module that will automatically unlock the keyrings using your login password, making gnome-keyring usage transparent without losing its security benefits
  • Added GVFS backend (FTP, SSH, WebDAV, Samba) to Déjà Dup
  • Added GStreamer backend to LibreOffice
  • Fixed hiding the im-config icon from MATE
  • Improved support for 3G/4G USB dongles
  • Improved support for iPods and MTP devices
  • Improved on-demand codec installation
  • Improved hardware detection and support
  • Improved .iso image mastering to ensure consistency with official Ubuntu flavours
  • Improved meta packages and added ubuntu-mate-live for handling packages that are only required in the Live CD
  • Updated the default Qt4 style to match the Ambiant-MATE theme
  • Updated the language packs in the Live CD based on the Top 10 countries that visit https://ubuntu-mate.org
  • Updated ubuntu-mate.org website content and improved the screenshot slideshow
  • Updated ubuntu-mate.org webserver to deliver all content over SSL/TLS using HSTS, PFS and (when possible) SPDY
  • Removed ffmpegthumbnailer, light-themes and ubuntu-artwork
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