Ubuntu 15.04 Will Ship With Both Firefox And The Ubuntu Touch Browser

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet and the official flavors will be released tomorrow.

Ubuntu 15.04 (Unity) will be the first Ubuntu system to use systemd as the default init service manager, the Locally integrated menus will be enabled by default, Unity 7 and Compiz will receive important updates and the main applications will be updated to their latest stable versions.

Also, Ubuntu 15.04 will come with two internet browsers, Firefox (still used by default) and Canonical’s own internet browser, which is already used on Ubuntu Touch.

Ubuntu 15.04 Will Ship With Both Firefox And The Ubuntu Touch Browser

For now, the browser is still under development, having a few features only, but this is still important.

As a reminder, Canonical aims to become the first operating system to reach convergence. The idea of convergence is to use the same code base for both the desktop and mobile versions of Ubuntu, the resolution getting automatically resized to be displayed well on the screen.

Other convergence-ready apps: Music App, Weather App (both part of the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps)


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