Ubuntu 15.10 MATE Does Not Use The Desktop Cube As The Default WM Anymore

Ubuntu MATE (the newest member from the Ubuntu family) permits the users to choose the default window manager, in real time, four alternatives being available.

Despite the fact that the community has asked for Compiz, it has been implemented but the default WM is Marco, being more reliable than Compiz and better than the Desktop Cube, which is slowing down the system.

This is what Martin Wimpress announced:

“The end result is greater consistency between Marco and Compiz keybindings, far fewer Compiz plugins are required, memory consumption is down, responsiveness is improved, I haven’t crashed Compiz (or Steam) and I’ve replaced the Desktop Cube with the Desktop Wall. Yes, you read that right. The Desktop Cube is no longer the default workspace switcher. It was sadly slowing up some systems and one of the culprits causing Compiz to crash,”

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