Ubuntu 16.04 LTS May Still Use Unity 7 And Mir By Default

As you may know, Canonical is working hard at Unity 8 and Mir, the future generation desktop environment and display server, used for now only on Ubuntu Touch.

For Ubuntu 15.10 it is already known that it will be still using Unity 7 and X.org, but the same may happen with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but there will be the Ubuntu Desktop Next flavor which uses Unity 8, Mir and Snappy packages, for all the bleeding edge technology enthusiasts.

As a reminder, Canonical’s target is to make Ubuntu the first mobile-desktop convergent system, meaning that both the mobile and the desktop systems will be using the same code-base and the interface will be responsive. Also, the mobile apps installed on Ubuntu desktop have minimize options and don’t run always on full screen, as they behave on the phone.

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