Ubuntu 16.04 Will Be Using Systemd Instead Of Canonical’s Upstart

Hello Linux Geeksters. After a lot of debates, the Debian Technical Committee has decided to make Red Hat’s systemd the default init service manager of Debian Jessie, which will be released in 2015. Actually, the Debian developers have already started work, making a backports repository of systemd already available, in order to help the other developers that want to adopt systemd on their Linux systems.

Not long after that, Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu will support Debian’s decision, will contribute at the porting of systemd and will adopt it, when it will be ready for usage on Debian systems.

Ubuntu 16.04 Will Be Using Systemd Instead Of Canonical's Upstart

After confirming that Mir will be implemented by default on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at this year’s Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS 14.03), Mark Shuttleworth has also announced that systemd will be used as default on the next LTS version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 16.04.

According to the developers, systemd already runs by default on the Android kernel and both Upstart and systemd can be used in parallel and switched at run-time.

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2 comments on “Ubuntu 16.04 Will Be Using Systemd Instead Of Canonical’s Upstart
  1. J E Henry says:


    If that to change to systemD as red hat how I going to click and run applications without using commands. Download, extract and go to folder and click to run icon and it easier than using commands and it would be easier for people that used to click and run application on Windows.

    • Geekster says:

      this does not have anything to do with package installation, but with process and service schedule, done by either user or system

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