Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Will Not Be Using Ubuntu Software Center Anymore

As you may know, Ubuntu MATE is the newest member of the Ubuntu family and aims to collect users from the GNOME 2 fans.

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Recently, Ubuntu MATE’s Martin Wimpress has announced that Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2 will ditch the Ubuntu Software Center and use a software of their own. Canonical does not struggle too much to add enhancements to its Software Center because it will be most likely dropped, starting with Unity 8.

For now, information about Ubuntu MATE’s new software center is not available. Martin’s announcement:

“Ubuntu Software Center has been removed from the default install of Ubuntu MATE 15.10. There, I’ve done it. It will not feature in Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Alpha 2. You can stop sending me messages about it now. We have something else lined up by way of a replacement. No, it’s not synaptic,” .

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