Ubuntu News: Samsung U1000, the first Ubuntu Phone From Samsung

Hello Linux Geeksters.

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As you may have noticed, I don’t usually write news on my linux blog. But this one is good and how.

Samsung has created their first Ubuntu Phone, Samsung U1000.


To my mind, Ubuntu going mobile will be the new boom in the gadgets industry.

Samsung is the first big manufacturer that created an Ubuntu smartphone, named Samsung U1000. Samsung U1000 has almost the same features as Galaxy S4, but with a few design changes (there are no buttons on the front). There are no details about the price or launching date, but we all look forward for finding more details about it.

Samsung has tried their luck with many mobile operating systems, like Java, Bada and now Android. The Active S runs Windows, the Tizen phone will be launched on August and now they break the ice with Ubuntu.

The Samsung U1000 is the pioneer in the niche, and if it is appreciated, the Ubuntu phones will get very popular in the future.

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