“Ubuntu On Windows 10” Brings Many Useful Bash Tools To Windows

Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland, the person responsible with the Product and Strategy department of Ubuntu, has attended the Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference where he has announced the “Ubuntu on Windows” project.

“Ubuntu on Windows” integrates the Windows 10 cmd with Ubuntu’s bash shell, in order to provide a better environment for the developers of cross-platform applications.

When you type bash in the Windows 10 Start menu, a cmd.exe console will open, running the /bin/bash binary from Ubuntu. This is awesome because Windows will get tools like apt, ssh, rsync, find, grep, vim, emacs, awk, sed, ruby, tar, sort, php, mysql, perl, python, wget, md5sum, gpg, curl, apache, gcc on their system.

I don’t fancy with the geeks that don’t find this project useful, because I would kill to have the find, grep, ssh and wget on Windows!

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