Ubuntu Snappy Core For Raspberry Pi 2 Has Been Updated

As you may know, Canonical has created a special Ubuntu Snappy Core image for the Raspberry Pi 2 ARM mini computer, to help the users familiarize with Ubuntu for the Internet of Things OS.

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The first Ubuntu Snappy Core image for Raspberry Pi 2 has been released in February, this year

Canonical’s Oliver Grawert has announced in the mailing lists that the Ubuntu Snappy Core for Raspberry Pi 2 has received some improvements in the last days, including better bootloader that initializes the RAM properly. Also, the snappy install has been fixed, to work for all the snap packages in the store.

If you are an Ubuntu enthusiast and want to help the developers, you can install and test Ubuntu Snappy Core on your Raspberry Pi 2 and report the bugs you find.

To get Ubuntu Snappy Core ready for Raspberry Pi 2, see this article.

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