Ubuntu Touch Has Been Experimentally Ported To OPPO Find 5

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Ubuntu Touch, the mobile version of Canonical’s OS has not been released yet. For now, we know that it will offically supported only on the Google Nexus smartphones and tablets.

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Despite that, an Ubuntu enthusiast has managed to install Ubuntu Touch on a Sony Xperia Tablet Z, but it was very buggy.

But this is only the beginning. Michael Hall, one of the Ubuntu developers has chalenged the geeks to port Ubuntu Touch on Oppo Find 5, in order to win a similar device.

Ubuntu Touch Has Been Successfully Installed On Oppo Find 5

The winner of the contest managed to port Ubuntu Touch on OPPO 5 successfully, making the touch screen and the Dash work perfectly. There were some functionalitty issues, since OPPO 5 does not support all what Ubuntu Touch can do, the Wi-Fi and the screen brightness did not work, but the camera and the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps worked well. More information and photos can be seen here.

This is very good, since it has been done by a technology enthusiast and not a Canonical developer. It looks like there are good signs for Ubuntu Touch afterall.

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