Ubuntu Touch Is Not Mature Enought To Compete With Google’s Android Yet

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the first stable version of Ubuntu Touch, the Ubuntu version for mobile devices has been released a while ago.

Ubuntu Touch has been optimized for the LG Nexus 4 smartphone, but it is also supported on the other Nexus devices. For now, Ubuntu Touch successfully provides the basic features of a phone, including voice calls, sms messages, connecting to WiFi networks, but it is not mature enough to replace the Android OS.

Ubuntu Touch Is Not Mature Enought To Compete With Google's Android Yet

Being still under development, it does not provide the speed and battery life-time of Android running on the same hardware. This is also because Mir, the default display server did not reach a stable version yet. Canonical brings fixes to its mobile OS daily and hopes to create a full Desktop/Mobile convergence with the arrival of Ubuntu 14.04, in April 2014.

If you test Ubuntu Touch on your Nexus device, you may get crashes and freezes, but let’s hope it will become a serios Android and iOS competitor in the close future.

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