Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update Should Be Released by the End of the Week (If It Doesn’t Get Rescheduled Again)

As a reminder, I have written more than 5 article stating that Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update is coming in the next few days. By the end of next week. Soon! But it has not been released yet, being rescheduled several times now. But, it should be released this week (or not).

The release of OTA-4 has not been made yet, due to a bug that affects the BQ dual-sim phone, but it has been fixed. Also, OTA 4 will rebase the system to Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet and will bring a huge list of features including support for dualSIM, browser improvements, support for USB Tethering and NFC, support for M3U playlists and support for video playback under the lockscreen will been added, among others. But we have already covered the highlights of Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update Should Be Released by the End of the Week (If It Doesn't Get Rescheduled Again)

Canonical’s plan is to release an Ubuntu Touch OTA update every month. This is what Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak announced in the mailing lists:

“The final dual-sim regression fix just landed in the overlay PPA and we have kicked a new image build. We expect this image to be the final promotion candidate for OTA-4 that’s planned for public release next week. As for this writing QA didn’t find any blocking issues with rc-proposed – let’s hope it’ll stay like this till the end of testing. The system-image hard-link problem has also been fixed, with another fix for a potential issue with delta-generation in the queue, everything should be ready for the big release,”

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