Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Will Bring Interesting New Features

As you may know, Canonical is constantly updating its Ubuntu Touch operating system, the OTA-5 Update being scheduled for release in mid-July.

Alejandro J. Cura. has announced in the mailing lists that Unity 8 will be updated with the new thumbnailer used by both the camera and the gallery applications, some fixes for notifications have been implemented, the updating or removal of a scope does not drain the CPU anymore, among others.

Also, OTA-5 will bring the automatic refunds feature, permitting the users to get their money back only in the first 15 minutes after purchasing an app.

Other features announced for OTA-5:

  • A LibreOffice Viewer App for Ubuntu Touch is already in the works
  • The Sudoku and Terminal apps have been updated
  • Support for Media-Hub background playlist got implemented in the Music app
  • The Calendar app UI has been improved
  • Support for WPA-Enterprize in the network indicator and system settings has been added
  • Full shell rotation support will be implemented.
  • Push notifications for web apps are under works right now

As a reminder, Ubuntu Touch is used by default on Bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, Bq Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition and Meizu MX4 Ubuntu, a phone that is available only in China, for now. Also, Canonical provides official support for the Nexus 4 smartphone, developed by Google and LG.

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One comment on “Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Will Bring Interesting New Features
  1. Consumology says:

    The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition is now also available in the EU via invitation from http://www.meizumart.com/.

    I was lucky and I got mine last week – great phone, great OS. Had the Aquaris 4.5 before but the screen size and the lack of LTE made me jump on the MX4… Looking forward to OTA-5!

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