Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Will Bring Telephony Enhancements, Browser Improvements And Other Interesting Improvements

As a reminder, Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Update has been recently released and the developers are now focusing on the OTA-6 Update.

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While we already know that the developers have successfully implemented the refunds for purchased apps in the first 15 minutes of usage, the developers have confirmed that System Settings improvements will be implemented, better support for scrolling the panels when rotated will be added and the Display and Brightness panel for convergence will be added.

Also, SMS fixes, better support for making phone calls using Bluetooth, phone number comparisons and support for sending and receiving photo attachments should arrive with OTA-6. The Broser app will receive two-column bookmarks view to the converged new tab, the Gallery app will be improved and sync improvements will be implemented.

Last but not least, Mir 0.14 will be added to OTA-6, the new display server version being already tested on the development branch.

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