Unity 8 And Mir Have Received Interesting Updates

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Canonical is working hard at their Unity 8 and Mir, which are the next generation Unity desktop environment and display server that will be used on both the desktop and the mobile version of the Ubuntu system.

While Ubuntu Touch has adopted Unity 8 and Mir from the first version, the two are scheduled to be implemented on Ubuntu 15.10, scheduled for release on October 2015.

In the last month, Canonical has updated both Unity 8 and Mir a lot, the final scope being to achieve a full mobile-desktop convergence (to make an unique system for both the computers and mobile devices, with an intelligent “responsive” interface).

Among other enhancements added to Unity 8, the shell rotation has been improved for Nexus 7 and sidestage experience, the Welcome wizard has been brought to Unity 8, better multi-monitor support has been added, non-full screen windowing has been added to the desktop version and the idea of prompts (dialogs) vs notifications is still discussed.

Mir has also received interesting features, including support for the hwc1.3 hardware composer, a desktop zoom feature similar to Mac OS X’s Super key + mouse scroll wheel has been implemented, support for 4K resolutions when connected to TVs has been added and the external displays on Android devices are now supported.

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