Unity 8 Has Received Improvements For Desktop Usage

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Canonical has been working a lot at its Unity 8, the default desktop environment of Ubuntu Touch.

By the way it’s designed Unity 8 now, it 8 is usable only on Ubuntu Touch running on mobile phone and tablets, but the developers have already started make it desktop-usable too.

Unity 8 Has Received Improvements For Desktop Usage

Now, Unity 8 looks pretty much like an oversized tablet, but Canonical has assured the Ubuntu fans that Unity 8 for desktop will not be a desktop optimized clone of Ubuntu Touch’s Unity 8, but a more modern Unity 7-like interface.

If everything goes as Canonical hopes, Unity 8 will be used by default on Ubuntu desktop starting with Ubuntu 15.10, scheduled for release in October 2015.

Michael Zanetti, Software Engineer at Canonical, has recently posted the below video, showing the latest Unity improvements, on an Ubuntu desktop computer.

As we can notice from the video, the login screen has received a background and Unity 8 has received resizable windows (the mobile platforms have only full-screen apps).

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