Valve Is Developing A Portable Gaming Console, Named SteamBoy

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Valve, now a member of The Linux Foundation, has initiated some ambitions projects: the SteamOS, a Linux operating system optimized for gaming, the Steam Machine, a gaming colsole that will run with SteamOS and the Steam Controller, a game controller specially designed for SteamOS and the Steam Machine. A demo video presenting the updated Steam Controller is available here.

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While the release of the first Steam Machines have been scheduled for 2015, Valve has initiated yet another ambitious project, called SteamBoy, which is a portable PC with a 5 inch touchscreen surrounded by buttons and two trackpads, being similar to Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It has a design similar to Valve’s Steam Controller.

Valve Is Developing A Portable Gaming Console, Named SteamBoy

While there isn’t much information about the SteamBoy available, it will most likely have a quad-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM memory, 32 GB of internal memory, WiFi and 3G connectivity and most likely will be powered by SteamOS.

To make a better idea about the SteamBoy desing, see the below video teaser:

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