Valve Is Releasing Its Own Linux System For Gaming, Called SteamOS

Valve has decided to release their own Linux system for gaming, called SteamOS. Probably it will be an Ubuntu derivate, optimized for the Steam games, coming with patches in collaboration with Intel, Nvidia and AMD.

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Valve Is Releasing It Own Linux System For Gaming, Called SteamOS

It will also have support for the most famous internet services, like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Google Plus, Rdio, Spotity and many others, in order to allow the users to do their basic entertainment tasks directly from the SteamOS.

Another awesome thing about SteamOS is that it will allow the user to save the game and resume it later, in order not to loose anything.

If everything goes according to plan, SteamOS will be released on the 13th of November, 2013.

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