Watch A Good 22 Minute Review Of The Jolla Phone And Sailfish OS

Hello Jolla Enthuiasts. Myrian Joire (Tnkgirl) has created a very good 22 minutes review of the Jolla phone and its Sailfish OS. If you don’t have the time needed to watch the full video, or if you aren’t patient enough to watch review videos, here are the highlights of the video:

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  • Jolla’s history, Nokia N9 and Meego
  • Sailfish OS, a Meego derivative system, very gesture based, with support for Android apps
  • An overview of the design
  • The Other Half Concept explained – the back of the phone enables the users to plug in new hardware, via some connectors
  • The case has something on it that tells the phone what cover you are using, in order to match the user interface with it
  • A little about the hardware specifications and the fact that the 3G does not work in the USA
  • Unlocking the phone via double tap, demoed
  • The running apps, displayed in the running apps tray and the apps grid (menu), containing both native and Android apps have been demoed
  • How multitasking and the task manager works
  • The usage of the pulley menu and the intuitive usage of gestures
  • Price comparison with Nexus 5
  • The lack of more native Sailfish OS apps
  • Dimension comparisons with Nokia N9 and Nexus 5

For more information, see the video for yourself:

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