What If Ubuntu Touch Would Support Android Apps?

As you may know, Ubuntu Touch is available on two phones already, one from Bq and one from meizu and is officially supported on the LG Nexus 4 phone.

Because it is a new platform, the main problem is that it does not have a lot of applications yet, despite the fact that it has a big and active community, the community-driven apps are not enough.

But what if Ubuntu Touch will support Android apps, like Sailfish OS and Blackberry OS already do?

Mark Shuttleworth hopes that the top 50 Android/iOS apps will get Ubuntu Touch ports, but this may not happen very soon.

Emulating Android apps, like Jolla’s Sailfish OS and Blackberry OS already did, could make sense, but there are also some drawbacks with this approach:

  • Each operating system has its design guidelines and emulating apps would make the OS lose what makes it different
  • If Android apps may get supported, developers may not want to port their apps to Ubuntu Touch (since they already work on that platform)
  • Only the native apps can have out of the box integration with the desktop environment.

But, on the other hand, if the WhatsApp client (and other popular apps) for Android would be emulated on the Ubuntu Touch, this may boost the phone’s adoption.


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