Yet Another Raspberry Pi Interesting Project: The Bioscope

Hello Linux Geeksters and Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts. Jon Stam and Simon de Bakker, have created a Raspebery Pi-driver Bioscope. The idea is simple: you upload the movie on an USB stick, insert it in the Bioscope and turn the red handle, in order to project the movie. The handle enables the users to easily stop/start/rewind the movie.

Yet Another Raspberry Pi Intersting Project: The Bioscope

The Bioscope has a vintage case made of plastic, inspired from the Fisher Price movie projector toy, and created by a 3D printer.

Yet Another Raspberry Pi Intersting Project: The Bioscope

Also, the Bioscope device can be powered by a custom PCB sitting on top of the Raspberry Pi ARM single board computer, allowing the users to power it via a single 3.7v lithium-ion cell.

To see the Bioscope in action, watch the video below:

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